Composite in Advanced Technology

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With the development of technology, the need of the industry and daily life for materials with lower weight and higher endurance capacity revealed the necessity of producing new materials. The idea of developing new substances, which remained an idea in the first years, was supported by the hypotheses created in a short time and became a dream. Among these ideas, the most supported and implemented is the idea of composite material.

The idea of composite material was to combine two or more materials to increase the performance of these materials on their own. Zinc-coated sheet metal and similarly concrete, which can support iron blocks very strongly, making them indestructible, were a few primitive examples of this idea. Today, the production of composite material, which finds a place in almost every place from shipbuilding to building construction, from household appliances to space technology, seems to have cost the last few centuries, but its first examples date back to very old times. The introduction of the concept of composite material and its handling as an engineering subject took place in the early 1940s. Since the first applications, many innovations have been made in both reinforcement materials and matrix materials. By applying new combinations, new composite materials with much higher performance values were implemented. In short, composite materials showed a very rapid development and by continuing this development rapidly, it exceeded its quality as a contemporary material and became the material of the future, namely the "chemistry of life".

In this regard, the "COMPOSITE TECHNOLOGIES CENTER OF EXCELLENCE" was opened with an investment of 100 Million Liras in Teknopark Istanbul under the main partnership of the Undersecretariat of Defense Industry and ITO.

In this video, the wide usage area and technological development of the composite are explained.